He-Cession – Women Want More

Catching up on Deltaskymag.com, ‘In The Air’ with Joy Rose and MediaMom.com

Economic pundits have termed the current recession a ‘he-cession’, noting that more men than women are out of work. Plus, let’s face it gals, we know women and mom-owned businesses are chugging along all throughout America.

According to this DeltaSkyMagazine article, women are outnumbering men in colleges and law schools and running the bulk of the ‘small’ start-up businesses.

Women Want More

‘Women Want More’ is a new book designed to help companies better engage women. The authors surveyed 12,00o women in 22 countries.

The upshot: Too many countries see women as passive consumers who will take what ever’s offered, no matter how badly designed.

The book brings forth a vision of an economy in which women are as central as men. Given the overspending of the old ‘male economy’, if there’s going to be a revolution, it’s going to be about ‘less’ not ‘more’.

Hey, world – I’m ready!


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