Services For Women-Owned Businesses – Video, SEO, Website Design & More

Our Team for Media and Video Creation are great at what they do. We can respond within days with a reasonable quote and services are delivered in a timely, friendly manner.

We’re located in the New York, NJ, CT metro area, but we have team members in Canada, California and the Midwest.

I’ve decided to offer these opportunities, because I got so tired of being ripped off by people offering to help with website development and video implementation, who ended up being unresponsive AFTER they took my deposit.

After spending $2,500 on my first website, $3,000 on my second website and another $3,000 on my third website all within the span of four years, I was fed up.

Each time I approached a company for help, they spoon fed me tidbits of information with no comprehensive plan for business success.
Instead they were happy to take my money, forward the work to a third party who often got the information wrong and then promptly bill me for hours of work that never translated to success.

Even SEO (Search Optimization Companies) will gladly sell you a plan for 6-12 months, charge you thousands of dollars and plug you into a system of managed by young techies who don’t really understand the mom-market or the needs of women-owned businesses.

My team is ethical, smart and we’ve learned the secrets of the big guys through experience and by making every mistake in the book while we struggled to navigate our way to business success. Now we’re poised for success and so are you. We’ve empowered women to the tune of $500,000+ since 2002. Our events exceed 10 million media impressions annually and over 100,000 people attend our events. By working together we can maximize our opportunities even more!

We can, and will deliver, because we are passionate about people.  We want you to succeed and will do whatever it takes to create an excellent product for your company or services with great results.


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One response to “Services For Women-Owned Businesses – Video, SEO, Website Design & More

  1. I completely agree. Thanks for the post!


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