Oh God. I’m tired. I’ve been sitting at my desk for like… um.. 48 hours trying to write my thesis…. I can’t believe I signed up to sit in the $@(!*( lobby at GC for TWO full days to try to turn people onto CUNYcast. OY!

Here’s where we stand:
James –
1. get KoalaSan to work with our stuff. done
2. talk to steve about the calendar widget on our website. in progress. Complicated! 
3. decide about what kind of license we want to have/ Creative Commons? done
4. collect and organize tutorial notes on how to build the airtime project, widget, hosting, icecast, duplicate what we did…… in progress. Will finish next week. 
Julia –
1. get second tutorial finished
2. get tutorials up online
Joy –
1. Upload Liam audio
2. Print out fllyers and signage for tomorrow lobby tabling opp. done
3. Create process report PDFs
4. Weekly blog at the commons – done

April 20 & 21
Joy – Tabling opportunity to gather CUNYcasters outside the library Monday and Tues (please join me if you can for any or all of it)
All – Class presentation on Tues- tutorials ready to go and present to the class:
Julia –
(HAVE NOT DONE THIS YET)Julia – figure out how to upload PDFs; Drop down menu for Tutorials, or clickable pages, PDF or what?Add to Pedegogy explanation: Professor Cheryl Smith.
Organize tutorial notes on how to build the website piece.
James provide process tutorials: how you organized everything soup to nuts, neatly presented including tutorial for those who want to create their own CUNYcast website for their university
April 28 
Joy – start writing the 20 page paper
Julia –
(HAVE NOT DONE THIS YET)Julia – Make more art for website, and provide documentation for creative commons. Ad credits and build out pages for additional Tutorials and PDFs.
James work on archival calendar, and RSS feeds ask about ARCHIVAL LIVE STREAM?
May 5
Clean up any issues
May 12
Class Preso
May 19
Giant Preso
Bonus: How much outreach can we accomplish?
Archival calendar
Reputation: Make regular slots
Multiple streams: live streaming and pre-recorded
Grab RSS feeds to pull into our site