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Silent No More Project

Silent No More Project

Silencing refers to techniques used to shut women up when they complain about sexism or other problems. It affects people of all genders and identities.

Silencing includes bullying, bashing, belittling, or harassing are all forms of silencing. Shaming individuals is not cool.

The Silent No More Project had its inception at the Museum of Motherhood in New York City. The project continued to pop-up at two consecutive ISGP Women and Girls Conference conferences in 2014 and 2016 as part of “Show Up, Speak Up, Act Up: Reclaiming Feminism”. Workshop participants have included high school students, conference-goers, college students, graduate students, and community members. Through a series of guided prompts, participants situate themselves around a large table with an experienced team leader and establish a safe zone. Individuals are then encouraged to discuss their experiences of having been silenced while drawing and writing about them thus making them audible and visible. Through this action, healing, understanding, and further discussion emerge.

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Silent No More.

• The “Silent No More” workshop revolves around the theme of community activism through community resistance.
• Individuals are encouraged to participate by creating language and art that talk about examples of silencing.
• Silencing refers to techniques used to shut women up when they complain about sexism and other issues. It can also include bullying, violence, and oppression of any kind and is not exclusive to women. It can include racism and classism too.
• Many of us have experienced silencing in subtle ways. Some of us have experienced silencing in provocative, profound or catastrophic ways.
• This shared art experience encourages healing and helps to create community through the act of collaboration. Participants are empowered by making the internal external. Individuals explore techniques that facilitate activism and encourage us all to “Show Up, Speak Up and Act Up” in a supportive and safe environment.
• You need not be artistic to participate and no prior experience is necessary.

The goal of this workshop is a) to create a greater understanding of what silencing is, b) how to practice showing up, speaking up and acting up, c) to encourage awareness, and cultivate healing.

Offered by: Martha Joy

Martha Joy Rose is committed to a lasting legacy of empowerment and support for women and girls. She has been creating programming that changes the way women’s voices are heard in the media, education and performing arts since her first days as a punk-rock performance artist in the eighties. Ms. Rose is the Founding Director of the Museum of Motherhood in NYC, as well as the activist arts organization Mamapalooza, which uses public space to create large-scale, pro-women events that reach thousands annually. In 2009 she received the Susan B. Anthony Award from NOW-NYC in recognition of her grassroots activism and dedication to advancing equality and improving the lives of women and girls.

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